Best Backpack Brands in India – Comparison

Are you planning a weekend trip with your friends? Do you want to carry more files to the office on some particular day? Have you shopped too much returning home from office without much planning? In all the conditions, a spacious casual backpack can be the solution for you.

Best Backpack Brands in India

From clothes, necessities to groceries, vegetables, files and books and other documents, plus regular lunch box and water bottles and sunglass and other personal belongings all comes fir into a backpack. The process of carrying becomes easier too in crowdy roads and public transports.

1. Aristocrat

Aristocrat 45 cms Grey Casual Backpack (Trax)

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An attractive and stylish backpack from renowned brand VIP aristocrat is full of potentials. You can use it for different purposes. From regular office purpose to travelling for 2-3 days. This bag at just INR 481 is more than perfect.


  • The bags come with two spacious compartments with zipping.
  • The bag also has a lock system. The lock is named as butterfly lock, which makes it easier to keep your belongings safe and secure from any threat.
  • The outer material is made of high-quality polyester, and you can be sure of the durability of the bag.


  • The bag has no separate compartment for laptop. As nowadays the laptop has become a necessity in almost every job and field, the absence of laptop compartment may become a minus point.

2. Wildcraft

Wildcraft 35 Ltrs 20 cms Backpack

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One of the internationally acclaimed brands of the backpack is Wildcraft. You can get this backpack at just only INR 1799. The bag has a lot of features that can be useful for your regular use.


  • The bag offers two compartments for keeping your essentials, and one front pocket with organisers is available to make the use seamless.
  • It can accommodate the largest size of laptop available, that is 15inch.
  • Mesh pockets at the side of the bag and the organizers in the front ensure effortless control of accessories you carry.
  • Shoulders are padded, and the haul loop is so useful that it makes the carrying safe and comfortable.
  • The product comes with 5 years of warranty from the company.


  • The bag looks a little bit dull in comparison to the other bags available in the market at this price range. As people go for more colourful items these days, this can be considered as a low point of the product.

3. Safari

Safari 44.2 Ltrs Navy Blue Laptop/Casual/School/College Backpack (Drawstring 20 CB NAV)

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The bag comes from the renowned house of Safari, a brand that offers a range of travel bags, trolleys, and backpacks. This exclusive backpack is available at just INR 2,329 on Amazon.


  • The bag has a unique design. The sleek look is also exciting and becomes more comfortable to carry at different places.
  • The bag comes with a dedicated laptop compartment for carrying the laptop at a secured space.
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty of 18 months from the date you buy the products.


  • The bag has only one compartment. Though the manufacturer claim of a spacious bag, the single compartment is not enough to organise the things you carry.

4. Killer Louis

Killer Louis 38L Large Laptop Backpack with 3 Compartments Black Polyester Trendy Waterproof Travel Backpack

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The bag from the house of a famous brand Killer comes with several features. All these make the backpack a winner among the contemporaries. It is available for only INR 1,319 at Amazon.


  • The bag is waterproof. The manufacturers have taken the responsibility of the bag and its accessories being safe from rain.
  • The backpack is offering three zipped compartments which are very useful for carrying various things differently at the same time separately.
  • The best part is the outer material of the bag. It comes with PU coated high-quality polyester to protect the bag from outside threats of any kind.


  • The warranty is not complete by the manufacturers, but only on manufacturing defects. In that case, if any damage is done on the bag, it won’t be repaired for free ever from the manufacturer.

5. VIP Trot

VIP Trot 01 - 19 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack (BPTRO01BLU)

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This bag from the house of the renowned brand of VIP that is offering such products for a long time now. You can be surprised to see the unique outlook and presentation from the brand.  The bag is available at INR 786 only on Amazon.


  • The bag consists of only one compartment to carry your essentials.
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty of 1 year from the very day you purchase.
  • Three front pockets are there to organize small accessories and handle them without any confusion.
  • The unique design of the bag makes it more attractive to the people who regularly travel from one place to another.


  • The bag doesn’t have any laptop compartment. You cannot carry the laptop in that one compartment with other products.
  • The bag has only one compartment; it becomes difficult to carry more essentials together at a time.

6. American Tourister

American Tourister 32 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack (AMT FIZZ SCH BAG 02 - BLACK)

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This is from the house of one of the international and popular brands producing backpack for years now. People fond of travelling must possess a bag of this brand. You will get this bag at INR 1,099 at Amazon at a much lower rate than the stock market.


  • The strap is adjustable and with a padded back for comfort in carrying heavy luggage.
  • This printed patterned bag is water-resistant; you can enjoy carrying the load at monsoon also
  • The bag comes with three compartments and the warranty from the manufacturer is of One year internationally.
  • Mesh pockets at both sides of the bag and front organiser pockets are quite useful for keeping your accessories safe and secure.


  • The bag has no compatible compartment for laptop.
  • The water-resistant feature is not similar to being waterproof, so using it in heavy rain is not useful.

7. Vebeto PU

Vebeto PU Leather Canvas Backpack with 2 Straps 14 Inch Laptop Bag College Office Waterproof Travel Casual Bagpack Men Women (Black)

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This stylish bag from the brand of Vebeto is attractive in look. You can carry the n\bag pack with a lot of belongings but more smartly. You can get the beg for only INR 579 at Amazon. This can be a perfect choice for you for regular use.


  • The bag is made up of PU leather. So, the durability becomes imminent for a more extended period.
  • The style of the bag makes it easier to be carried by both men and women.
  • The various pockets at the front with zipping make it easier to carry and handle mobile, charger, power bank, and other accessories. You can use it any time of the day
  • The water-resistance feature helps you to carry the bag at adverse weather.


  • The bag does not carry any laptop compartment. So, it becomes tough to have a laptop in this bag.

8. Max

Max 27 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack (BKPK Star Backpack)

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A comfortable and easy to handle bag designed for regular use from the brand of Max. You can get the bag at just INR 799 at Amazon. You can use this regularly and still it would be long-lasting.


  • The bag is from a collection of world-class bags and styles in which you can carry lots of things comfortably.
  • The colours are guaranteed from manufacturers as the brand create their palate of colours in the workshops.
  • You will get the latest features at the best reasonable price in the market with this bag. Made of polyester the bag can be used on shared purpose.


  • The bag has no dedicated slot for laptops. So, carrying the laptop in this bag is quite risky.
  • The manufacturer does not offer any kind of warranty.


BANGE TSA Friendly Travel Large Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

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This exclusively featured branded bag is available at just INR 2,489 at Amazon. This is an offer price available only at the site. The range comes with a charging port, suitable for charging smart devices and that is why very useful at present.


  • The bag is very spacious and has multiple pockets for easy use.
  • The shoulder and back straps are capable of decompression processing to make it comfortable for the users
  • Separate room for laptop is provided.
  • The outer side is made of high-quality oxford material, so it is durable, flexible for regular use.


  • The features are full of possibilities, and there is nothing negative about the product as such. But the design is not that attractive compared to the other bags.

10. Harrisons

Harissons Bags Vervo 15.6-inch Laptop/Travel/Casual Backpack for Men and Women with rain Cover (Navy Blue, 40 Ltrs)

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A complete package of quality and useful features make this bag the success story for the brand Harrison. This premium quality bag is available only at INR 2,207 at Amazon.


  • The bag has a tablet sleeve integrated inside for dedicated slot of a laptop.
  • You can use the bag for both official meetings and travel purposes. Space allows for both.
  • It has three large compartments with four pockets for organising the accessories of your choice seamlessly.
  • The rain cover is also available with the bag for protection from rainwater.
  • The manufacturers offer one year of warranty on the product.


  • The bag does not have any such facts that can be described as its limitations.

Factors to check before buying the product

When you buy such a product, you have to remember some of the following factors which will guide you in the shopping. Your requirement and the availability of the features must be in accordance. So, you get the best product at an affordable price.


Different brands are offering quality backpacks at a diverse range of prices. You have to understand what you need and how much you can invest in it. The useful features are attractive, and people may get attracted to it and consider it as essential. But don’t pressurize yourself for the budget. With in-depth browsing, you can get a suitable product for yourself at your budget.


You will have to search for the suitable material of your choice. Not just preference, but also durability is what matters the most. If you are investing money once, you will want to use it for some time. So, make sure to get the best product. Though most of the products are of polyester, the quality remains different. You should go for the best quality at the desired budget.


When you are investing for a branded product, you will look for a secured warranty on the product from the manufacturer itself. You will get that warranty from the brands who work internationally and at the national level. The warranty ranges from one year to five years. Make sure you have checked the warranty period issue.

Laptop compatibility

Maximum of the backpacks come with a separate laptop compartment, and they allow you to carry 15.6-inch laptops easily. But some of the brands do not offer such compartments with compatibility for laptop. If you need to take the laptop, you should choose a backpack with an adequate feature. But if you don’t have a laptop or don’t need to carry them into office, avoid bags with the laptop.


The issue of comfortability is the most significant factor a user should consider. As you have to carry a lot of weight, you must look for comfort. The bags with padded straps and backside makes it easier to carry heavy loads without any glitches. Any user will go for the ease in return of their money.


Some of the bags come with features such as water-resistant and waterproof. Both may sound synonymous. But their meaning is not the same. The water-resistant bag is not entirely watertight, but the waterproof bag can be used in monsoon without worrying about the belongings you have within your bag. Go through the manufacturer’s page and lots of information about it before you order the product.


1. Is Manufacturer’s warranty on the bag worthy?

As some of the manufacturers provide warranty on only the defects you can found in new products, it is quite confusing and may not become helpful for the users. But most of the brands offer manufacturer warranty of at least a year on complete product. So, it all depends on the company and the warranty they are offering on the specific product you are buying.

2. Are the padded straps enough to make the bag comfortable?

Most of the bag manufacturers offer padded straps and padded backside of the backpack to make the process of carrying weight comfortable for the users. Whether the bag is used for college purpose or office or travelling, you have to take quite a load to make sure the backpack you are buying is comfortable enough. The bag should be designed for your comfortable usage in a manner that you don’t need to look for it separately. You will feel it usually.

3. Do the backpacks need to have laptop compartments compulsorily?

The branded backpacks do not always provide a separate laptop compartment for users. The brands offer different styles and compartments for the benefits of the users. They offer laptop compartment in some of the bags and don’t provide the compartments in some of the bags and categorize them as per the other features available on the bag too. Now it’s up to you and your requirement. If you have a laptop to carry go for bags with a dedicated compartment and if not go for the one without such a compartment.

4. When to replace your old backpacks?

You must look on to your old backpacks and identify if they are still suitable for your use. You should also look that if your old backpack has the latest feature and is ideal with all your accessories. This will suggest that this is the time you should change the old backpack for your sake. You must not use an old product without much usability.

5. Is it safe to buy the branded backpacks from online?

One might think that as there are so many options to buy backpacks from the market, why would one buy them online? They think about the security and safety of the shopping procedure too.

You must consider that when you purchase products from a platform like Amazon, you will get assured product with warranty. Moreover, you will get the backpacks from renowned brands at an affordable price with a massive off on special offers. So, you can buy the products from there without much stress.

Closing Thoughts

You can invest in a branded backpack if you need it, and if you are buying from a secured platform at an affordable price. You must check the facts and figures the different brands are offering the products.

Whether you are going to attend class or an office meeting or travelling to a nearby place, you need to carry a backpack with the latest features and comfortability. You can get them at a reasonable price with the warranty of brands from Amazon.

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