Best Carry Bags For Essentials in India

A carry bag is an essential companion when it comes to a short trip or an escapade or even post buying your monthly groceries at the convenience store. Well, there are various kinds of carry bags available in the market – you can choose from a plethora of size and shape.

Best Carry Bags in India

A carry bag helps you to keep your things organized and sorted. Life with more is difficult. One good carry bag is much easier and much more convenient than multiple bags. You can travel lighter and amble down the street quickly.

You have routed yourself in the right place as we have curated the best carry bags available in India – here’s all the information we have garnered to enlighten you.

1. M MEDLER Epoch Nylon 55 litres Strolley Duffel Bag

M MEDLER Epoch Nylon 55 litres Waterproof Strolley Duffle Bag- 2 Wheels - Luggage Bag - (Navy Blue)

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On a vacay after completion of a long arduous project, well you can pack away to glory with this M Medler – your travel companion – all poised up to bury your lugging worries.


  • This bag is light weight and waterproof.
  • The material that is used to make this bag is nylon
  • It sports 2 wheels so that lugging it becomes all the easy.
  • It features 5 compartments – one spacious main compartment, 2 compartments on either side and 2 front compartments
  • It comes with zip closure and shoulder strap


  • Many customers have reported that the material used in the construction of the bag is cheap
  • Few customers had claimed that the zip used as in the zip closure didn’t last long and is of poor quality – the teeth broke off from the chain which prevented proper closure

2. Dussle Dorf Reusable Large Duty Waterproof Shopping Bags

Dussle Dorf Reusable Large Duty Waterproof Shopping Bags Kitchen Essentials/Grocery Bag/Vegetable Bag / Carry Bag/thela with Full Handles Best Gift for diwali (Pack of 1)

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You can look stylish and trendy even when you go to market or to the local grocery store by sporting one of these Dussle Dorf reusable shopping bag. It is a heavy duty grocery bag perfect to lug your grocery items from the store all the way to your kitchen. If you are one of those perfectionists and carry wants to look good always – then look no further to add a dash of style even while shopping.


  • This extra large bag is made from canvas which makes it strong to withstand more load and the design is such that it can be collapsed.
  • This bag can carry a weight of 15 kgs – enough to carry your monthly grocery items.
  • The bag features long durable handles so that you can carry it over your shoulder.
  • Reinforced stitching around the handle area and top corners makes it durable and well built for daily use.
  • It sports bartec stitching across the edges and zig zag stitching just below the handles – imagine these as muscles to carry heavy weight
  • Handy item to pack all your sundry picnic items – tag this colourful bag along with panache for fun and merriment.
  • It has 8 small compartments so that you can keep all your items clutter-free

Few customers have raised this concern that as the bag is made of cotton – on prolonged rough usage, it is prone to accidental tears and rips.

3. Fur Jaden Brown Textured Leatherette Duffle Bag

Fur Jaden Brown Textured Leatherette Stylish & Spacious Weekender Duffle Bag for Travel

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Made to amp up your style quotient, carry this uber-cool stylish looking duffel bag from Fur Jaden the way you want it – you may hold it in your hand or carry it over your shoulder by tethering it with the shoulder strap.


  • Given the stylish looks, it is a “one style fits all” the occasions kind of a bag.
  • It comes with two padded grab handles for a better grip while holding the bag and a shoulder strap which will help you to swing the bag over your shoulder.
  • This is a leatherette bag of the highest quality that makes it durable and water resistant and most importantly, the quality of the material used is such that it doesn’t crack or peel off after constant usage.
  • This bag has a zip closure and the inner lining is made of soft fabric.
  • It has a big spacious compartment – this bag should serve you well if you are away from home for 3-4 days.


  • A customer had reported that the leatherette started peeling off and within few weeks of usage, the rivet seated at the bottom of the handle’s strap was dislodged.

4. PETRICE Fabric Foldable Carry Bag

PETRICE Multifunctional Travel Bag Extra Large Makeup Organiser Cosmetic Case Household Grooming Kit Storage Travel Kit Pack with Hook (Green)

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Breakthrough the security cordon in style, with this carry bag from the house of Petrice – just slip it into the draw-bar box of your cabin luggage and let it hang as you hop from one airport to another – carry a suave you for easy commute instead of lugging around – inconvenience!


  • This is a light weight, foldable and portable carrying bag.
  • The interior of this bag is one big spacious compartment
  • Trendy looking chic bag catches the attention of the passer by
  • It is made of high quality polyester nylon material and is waterproof.
  • You can just hang and attach this bag on the draw-bar box of the suitcase – this is cabin approved luggage which means that in case you are all caught in the excess luggage rigmarole then you can simply unfold it to abstain from paying extra towards excess luggage charges at the airport.
  • It has zip closure to keep your belongings intact


  • Few customers have outlined their experience wherein they have categorically highlighted that the stitching of the handle loosens over a period of time and eventually, causes inconvenience and gives a shoddy look.

5. ZNT BAGS Vintage Handcrafted Leather Duffle Bag

ZNT BAGS Vintage Handcrafted Leather Unisex Duffle Bag (Brown)

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If you are a fashionista, rest assure you can team this stylish sleek bag with your attire as you embark on your favourite escapade.


  • This vintage bag is an exemplary piece of exquisite craftsmanship and is made from leather.
  • This leather bag is a must have for those who love to stand out in the crowd
  • It is a pure leather product with multiple compartments
  • The inside of the compartment is made from canvas for enhanced durability and protection.
  • You can flaunt it in two ways – either you can grab the handle or you can swing it over your shoulder with the long adjustable strap provided


  • A customer had highlighted that the buckle of the bag straps were rusty

6. Monza Italy Duffle Bag

Monza Italy Multipurpose Leatherette Duffle Travel Weekender Bag for Men and Women Color Yellow

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If you want to stand out in the crowd and shine bright, then look no further – sway around in style and look dapper with this versatile bag from Monza Italy


  • This bag exudes oodles of aesthetic appeal with its color and strap stitched in the construction.
  • This leatherette bag is waterproof and it has internal lining for additional durability.
  • It features two compartments or pockets – one of them is the main compartment and another one inside the compartment – a pouch which has a zip closure.
  • You can tuck away your stuff in this versatile bag for a 3-4 days expedition or tour.
  • You can easily use the cross body shoulder strap which is adjustable or the handle strap to tether it around your hand – the way you feel comfortable


  • A customer had raised the concern against the quality of the zip – after frequent use the zip slider broke resulting in difficulty while closing

7. NFI essentials Retro Elephant Print Canvas Stylish Trendy Travel Bag

NFI essentials Canvas Duffle Travel Bag for Men and Women, Luggage Travelling Bags for Women, Stylish Duffel Cabin Size Air Bag (21L)

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This is a multipurpose duffle bag with a retro theme from NFI essentials – a perfect travel companion. It is an easy to carry-on bag and there’s element of good feel factor that the bag radiates.


  • The bag is made of soft canvas and the leather accents that is conspicuous amplifies the aesthetic appeal of the bag and not to forget the trims in the construction.
  • You can fold this bag when not in use – it doesn’t take much space.
  • It comes with adjustable and removable shoulder straps –sling it over your shoulders to give yourself a sporty look.
  • It can easily fit itself as a cabin luggage whenever you are taking the flight.
  • This bag has all that it takes to supplement your main luggage – a bag that comes handy to stash your toiletries, clothes, essentials and much more


  • Few customers have expressed their concern regarding the small size of the bag.

8. Pretty Krafts Travel Air Duffel Bag

Travel Air Bag Medium size very light weight, Compact Packing Duffel Bag, water resistant, easy care travelling & Storage bag, Extra top compartment, Multiple pockets_Blue

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This all in all nylon travel carry bag from Pretty Krafts will make your travel lighter. This is a super light weight bag that you can carry along to picnic or weekend gateway.


  • The material that is used to make this bag is high quality nylon with high tensile strength.
  • It sports a premium design and has enough space to store up to 15 shirts.
  • The entire interior of the bag has fabric lining which is being bolstered by thick fluffy inserts for extra support and durability – additionally, gives shape to the bag.
  • It has multiple pockets to keep things organized – one front pocket and one pocket on each side.
  • It features handle with shoulder pad so that you are comfortable carrying it over your shoulder
  • The stitches all-round the bag doubles up as an accent which lends an attractive look


  • One has to be wary of not carrying extra load – a customer had reported that the stitching is fragile especially at the point where the handle meets the upper construction of the bag.

9. Sports Duffel Bag

AmazonBasics 40 L Sports Duffel Bag - Small (Grey)

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This sturdy and light weight multipurpose bag is a must have and is of great utility for short trips or weekend gateways.


  • This bag is designed and made to endure the rigours of everyday life as it is has its bottom and side panels toughened with a material that provides tough resistance to abrasion – this amps up the durability by a great magnitude.
  • This bag features pockets and compartments of various sizes to keep you organized during the course of your tour – it has one main compartment with zip closure, a front zippered pocket, a zippered pocket that is housed inside the bag to stow your keys or power bank for quick access and a mesh pocket at each end of the bag.
  • It comes with adjustable shoulder strap that has a shoulder pad so that you can swing it over your shoulders or across your chest to keep your hands free.
  • It features cushioned grab handle which makes lugging convenient.


  • Some customers have reported that the material used in the construction of this bag is thin and frail.

10. NISUN Large Strong Canvas

Storite Large Canvas Travel Storage Bag with Wheels (73.6x29.2x45.7 cm, Green)

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This is a sturdy heavy-duty rugged bag that you can take along anywhere – even to the local grocery store – makes it a perfect storage companion.


  • This bag is made from high quality strong canvas material which makes it durable and water proof.
  • The laminated interior of the construction bolsters the strength and durability.
  • It has one main compartment with zip closure, one small pocket and extra safety locks to keep your belongings to safe.
  • It has long handles for easy lifting in case the bag is heavy and it has a pull along grab handle to drag the bag on its wheels.
  • It features well built bottom reinforcement with 6 carry on wheels.


  • Few customers have narrated their experience of the fragile carry-on wheels which gave way and is susceptible to breakage.


Trip duration:

The duration of the trip should decide what kind and size of bag you should carry along.


Large zippers should be preferred always. Precedence should be given to two-way zipper that can be closed or opened in two opposite directions at the same time.


Cushioned grab handle should be preferred as it makes carrying comfortable. The handle should be stitched to the bag construction with reinforcement or doubly stitched to boost the durability of the bag.


A bag with carry-on wheels makes travelling convenient as it provides better manoeuvrability and portability. One needs to ensure the quality of the wheel construction is sturdy.


The material of the bag should be such that it is abrasion-resistant, waterproof and lightweight.


1. What is the use case of a carry bag?

Carry-on bags are most ideal for air travel as you can carry it all the way to the cabin of the flight – you no longer need to wait for your luggage as you disembark

2. Why is it so important to give precedence to quality over price?

Your carry bag is a long-term investment which is why the price alone shouldn’t be deciding factor. One should focus on getting the maximum value for money and invest in one that comes with quality and warranty for complete peace of mind.

3. Does the material matter? 

When you are buying a carry bag, paying a close attention to the type of fabric and material used will pay rich dividends in the long run.

4. What kind of zipper should a bag possess?

Two-way zipper is most preferred as it has two sliders which can be opened or closed from both the ends end.

5. What is the benefit of shoulder strap pad?

One should always look for a bag with shoulder strap pad as it evenly distributes the weight of the bag, making the bag easier to carry and manoeuvre.


Now that we have come across the best carry bags available in India – it is time for you to pick the one that is best suit you and make no mistake, invest your time reading “things to consider” section before buying a carry bag that can carry your world sans stress – as you embark on that trip of yours, see you on the other side – bon voyage!

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