Best Kids Bags for School In India 2022

You have to choose school bags very carefully for growing kids. According to guidelines, the packed school bag should not be more than 10% body weight of the kid. Thus, you need to choose a bag that is light. Other than the weight you have to look for a school bag in the perfect size, with good construction, and ample compartments to keep everything organized.

Best Kids Bags for School

You also have to look for a bag under your budget. But, with this article, you will be able to find the perfect kids’ school bag. You can go through the list of school bags, the factors to look for, and the buying guide.

1. Skybags Bingo Plus Backpack Pink

Skybags Bingo Plus 35.9856 Ltrs Pink School Backpack (SBBIP03PNK)

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If you are looking for a spacious and durable bag then this is the one for you. The design of the bag has been specially made for kids. The fabric is polyester which assures you to be water-resistant. It has three compartments with a water bottle holding pocket.


  • This bag is extremely durable and comes in the shade of pink.
  • There are interior organizers and smartphone pockets as well.


  • You may find it less spacious.

2. American Tourister Backpack

American Tourister Kiddle Polyester 32 cms Monster Green School Backpack (FO0 (0) 04 002)

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This polyester bag that comes in the shade green. This bag is durable and is water-resistant as well. This bag has three compartments where you can easily store books and a front pocket. The shoulder straps of the bags are padded as well.


  • The bag comes with a mesh back padding.
  • The bag is super comfortable.
  • The bag also has two bottle holders.


  • It could be more spacious.

3. Nike Heritage School Bag 26L

Nike 26 Ltrs Black/Anthra Laptop Backpack (BA5777-010)

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Are you looking for a school bag that has minimum spacing and compact in size then you can go with this one. This backpack here looks fashionable and you can carry books in it. This bag can also be used to carry a laptop in it. The design of the bag is quite simple and subtle.


  • There is a laptop sleeve that comes with this bag.
  • There are two compartments, that includes one main compartment and a front pocket.


  • The bag is quite expensive and the compartments are too less.

4. F Gear Intellect Backpack 30 Ltrs

F Gear Raider 30 Liter Backpack with Rain Cover (Marpat WL Digital Camo)

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Is sturdiness what you are looking for then you need to opt for this backpack for your kid. This falls under basic bags and is spacious enough. This bag has a classic design and will catch your eyes if you are looking for multiple compartments. It also has a rain cover that is going to protect your books.


  • You can carry your laptop in it.
  • The fabric of the bag is polyester and it is 32 stars.
  • It is quite reasonable as well.


  • The bag could be better designed.

5. Pole Star “HERO” Backpack

POLESTAR Hero 32 L Casual/ School/ College/ Day light weight Backpack, made with polyester, 1 year warranty - Slogan print

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This bag does not only offers you durability but great looks as well. The bag has adjustable straps and is made up of polyester, which assures you of water resistance. This bag also comes with a water bottle pouches. It has 2 zippered pockets and all the books can fit inside it. The shoulder strap offers great support.


  • This bag here is extremely affordable and efficient.
  • The bag is super stylish.


  • This bag may seem to be less spacious than expected.

6. American Tourister Backpack 32 Ltrs

American Tourister 32 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack (AMT FIZZ SCH BAG 02 - BLACK)

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You can blindly trust this brand to provide you with efficient, stylish, and durable bags. This bag is ideal for your kids to use. it has ample space with multiple compartments and also has mesh pockets on two sides. This bag is quite comfortable to carry even when fully loaded.


  • This bag offers sturdiness and longevity as it is made up of dot polyester.
  • It is an extremely lightweight bag that offers complete comfort.


  • This bag is on the expensive side.

7. Polestar Original Casual Backpack

POLESTAR Buddy IBA 30 L Casual/ School/ College/ Day light weight Backpack, made with polyester, 1 year warranty - Slogan print

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This bag looks very cool and stylish yet it is extremely durable. This bag not only offers you durability but for comfort as well. You can stay comfortable while you are carrying this bag fully loaded this is because of the padded area which also protects the inner items.


  • The bag is made up of polyester fabric which enables the bag to be light in weight.
  • This bad has two large compartments where you can keep books and all the necessary items.


  • This bag is available in just one color.

8. Strabo Comrade Backpack

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This is one here is a spacious bag that is appropriate for kids. This bag has multiple compartments for you to carry books and distribute the weight evenly. This is a 28 liters bag that has 2 compartments, two bottle pouches, and a keychain holder. The bag comes in multiple varieties of colors and designs.


  • This is a WR coated 6000 printed nylon oxford that offers you excellent durability.
  • The most amazing thing is that this bag comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • This bag can be too big for kids.

9. A K Creation Backpack

A K Creation Waterproof Polyester Car Backpack for Kids- (Red)

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If budget and looks are what you need then this bag is just the right option for you. This bag here is the best choice for the little kids. It is shaped and designed like a car and has one compartment. It is also extremely comfortable to carry around and is water-resistant.


  • The zipper compartment is ergonomically designed to make sure you can utilize it.
  • This bag comes at a very reasonable price and also has an adjustable shoulder strap which is padded.


  • The bag is not appropriate for anyone looking for compartments and spaces.

10. DUSSLE DORF Backpack

DUSSLE DORF Polyester 20 Liters, Casual Water Resistant Laptop Backpack/Bag for Men and Women College - School Backpack Bag (Navy Blue and Red) with 2 compartments

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This is an amazing bags appropriate for small kids. This is not just a stylish bag but has multiple compartments and a side pouch for a water bottle or umbrella. The capacity of the bag is about 15 Ltrs and the material it is made up of is polyester. This bag has a laptop sleeve as well. This bag is extremely affordable.


  • The bag is available in six variables for you to choose from.
  • The polyester fabric makes it water-resistant.


  • A lot of customers may find it less spacious.

Factors to Look for While Buying a Kids Bag for School

There are some factors that you need to keep in mind while buying a kids bag for school. This will help you to make a better purchase.

  • Construction

No matter whether you are buying the school bag online or offline you need to check the construction of the bag. The bag needs to be sturdy yet light in weight. As the kid will be carrying books and copies or anything that you cannot afford to get drenched in any fluid or rain, you need to go for a water-resistant fabric. If the bag is not made up of water-resistant fabric at least make sure you buy a rain cover. If you want to prevent the sagging of the school bag you need to go for a firmer material. The base of the bag needs to be abrasive resistant.

  • Size

You also need to make sure that the size of the backpack is perfect for the kid. You should never go for a school bag that is wider than the chest of the child. To check the length of the school bag, you need to check whether the bag is getting past the shoulder of the child when they sit with the bag on. You should never go for a bag that crosses the shoulder of the child. These bags will naturally be bigger than your child, which denotes that your child will be carrying an excessive load of the bag.

  • Compartments

When buying a school bag for a kid, you need to keep in mind to fairly distribute the weight of the things inside. Having multiple compartments will help to distribute the weight of the bag evenly. It also helps to keep everything organized. The kid can use one compartment to keep the books and the other one to keep copies. Other small compartments or pockets can be used to keep stationery, water bottles, and lunch. Make sure the bottle holder is outside of the bag, this will keep any spills to reach the compartment of books and copies.

  • Fit

The bag must fit properly with your kid. This includes the proper shape or frame of the bag and the straps of the bag. Every little thing adds to the build of the bag. You can look for a hip strap, this will ensure that the total weight of the bag does not fall just on the shoulder but on the hip and waist as well. A molded frame of a bag will also help in this. A compression strap will also help to draw the weight close to the back of the child. You also need to properly adjust the shoulder strap to ensure the child is not leaning forward.

Buying Guide

There are also many other things that you need to consider before you buy a school bag for a kid. It may seem very simple to choose a bag for a kid, but it is a tricky job. But, when you start considering the right factors before making a purchase, you will end buying the ideal school bag for any kid.

  • Wheels or not?

Having wheels can be beneficial to adults who can use them while they are commuting to an airport or their office. But, kids do not commute like them. they will not be pulling around the bag like adults, instead, they will be found running around here and there. They have to use public transport where they can use the wheels and also have to run between one class to the other. They will not be willing to pull the bag on a bumpy surface or the stairs, footpaths, and more. thus, it is better not to go for wheels, as they will not be utilized well and will be adding to the weight of the bag.

  • What should be the budget?

Well, you have to clarify the budget of anything before you make a purchase. Setting the budget will help you avoid over and underspending. It is better that you go after the features of the bag than the style and brands. Paying excessive money for the best brands and still ending up with a bag with the least feature will be the worst thing. Thus, you can keep your budget average and look for bags that offer features you are looking for under that said budget. This is the best way of choosing the right bag under your budget.

  • What are the types of Schoolbags for kids?

There are mostly three kinds of backpacks that are best suited for school going kids.

  • Messenger Backpack –

This is the one-shoulder strap backpack, which was a huge hit from the mid-80s to the 2000s. it is advised that you do not choose this sort of backpack. This is because they do not provide full support and the load comes completely on one shoulder of the kid.

  • Standard Backpack –

This is a classic backpack with a two-strap design. This is an evergreen design and is not going to go out of style any time soon. This backpack distributes the weight evenly on both shoulders. You can get a full-zipper bag that has a zipper that can be moved from one side to the other, if you want you can keep it on top of the bag. The top-loading backpack opens only at the top. As a closure, it has a folding flap.

  • Trolley Backpack –

This is a mix of the trolley and standard backpacks. This is best suited if your kid will be using the wheels to pull the bag around. These backpacks also give you the option to carry it on the back. But, it is heavier than normal bags as it will have a handle and wheels. If you do not want added weight it is better not to go for this bag.

Frequently asked Questions

1. How to pack a bag so the weight is evenly distributed?

You need to organize the bag, make sure the items in the bags are kept in a different compartment. This will make sure the weight is evenly distributed. Pack the heavier items close to their back, this will help in reducing the stress on the spine.

2. Why tick off the looks of the bag while choosing a backpack?

When you are going after looks you may miss out on some of the most important features of the bags. The best-looking bags do not have much to offer when it comes to benefits. Thus, it is better to tick off looks from your list.

3. What should be the ideal weight of the bag?

You must make sure that you are not overloading the bag. The perfect weight of the bag when it is fully packed should be 10 to 20 percent of the weight of the kid. If the kid is 50 pounds the weight of the bag should not exceed 10 pounds.

4. Why go for reflectors on the bag?

The reflector will add to the protection of the kid. The reflective paneling will make anyone aware of a kid passing by and thus prevents the risk of an accident. You can go for clip-on reflectors if the bag does not come with one.

5. Why opt for synthetic fabrics?

When you go for synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon, you are going for a waterproof fabric yet a less eco-friendly one. If you are environment conscious you can go for a natural fabric such as hemp or others.


The use of lockers is being encouraged in many schools. This helps the kids to carry less weight and helps to maintain their health. These are the growing years, thus you need to make sure that they are not carrying heavy weights on their shoulders, this will lead to long-term health issues. Choose a good backpack for your kid according to their need and capacity. It is also necessary to make sure the weight of the bag is quite light when it isn’t loaded.  You need to keep in mind that it is a matter of the health of the kid. You also need to make sure that the size of the bag is appropriate for your kid. Keeping in mind all the necessary factors and points will help you to make a better choice.

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