Best School Bag Brands in India You Can Try Out For Your Kids

We have reviewed some of the best School bags you can buy for your kid. You all know how these days schooling for kids have changed. They don’t have the time to enjoy their childhood, and they are buried under their heavy school bags with loads of books and copies and home works.

Best School Bag Brands in India

At this situation, both the kids and their parents look for a good quality of school bag that too at a reasonable price. If you are looking for school bags in a specific price range, you should check in You will get assured products with a guarantee on the bags even from different brands. You will get a lot of option to choose from.

Let’s discuss some of the leading school bag brands available on

1. Half Moon 34 Litres bag with rain cover (Navy)

Half Moon 34 Ltrs Casual Waterproof Laptop Bag/Backpack for Men Women Boys Girls/Office School College Teens & Students with RAIN Cover (Navy Blue)

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The bag from the brand of Half Moon can be used for school, colleges and offices purpose also. You can carry the laptop in the bag; the separate dedicated slot is available. The size of the bag is 18 inch and is large enough for students to carry bags. The price for this quality school bag is only INR 531.


  • Comfortable for carrying a heavy load with padded backside and padded straps. This provides less stress on the shoulders.
  • The bag is made of suitable quality nylon and polyester, so it is capable of carrying more loads like books and water bottles with lunch boxes together.
  • The navy colour ensures that dust is not prominent to the onlookers.
  • Zips are good in quality, and the bag is entirely water-proof. Besides rain bag is also there at the bottom of the bag.


  • The laptop slot can minimise the space for books in the bag. School kids may find it challenging to manage their numerous books and copies within that space.

2. POLESTAR Noble blue 32 litres backpack

POLESTAR Noble 32 L College/ School/ Office/ Casual/ Travel Backpack with 15.6' laptop compartment, made with polyester, 1 year warranty

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Another shade of blue colour, the bag is from the house of POLESTAR. This can be used for various purposes too. Students of both school and college can use the bag comfortably. The price is also only INR 512.


  • The bag contains 3 zipped compartments along with the padded and dedicated laptop slot. Two pockets each aside for umbrella and water bottle is available.
  • The bag is not only stylish but also durable too with quality polyester as material. The bag also offers manufacturer warranty from POLESTAR of 12 months.
  • The second compartment is very spacious, very helpful for students to keep books, files and other necessary papers and documents.
  • The back straps are adjustable, and you can’t even feel the load you are carrying with the padded back of the bag.


  • The material polyester can become rough after more extended and heavy usage.
  • The rain cover is not available with the bag.

3. American Tourister 32liters casual backpack

American Tourister 32 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack (AMT FIZZ SCH BAG 02 - BLACK)

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This product from the famous brand American Tourister is available only for INR 899, a special price from Amazon. You get the assurance of the brand and the trust of Amazon at a reasonable rate. The delivery of the product is also free.


  • The bag has an adjustable strap and entirely dedicated for students to carry books and copies, files and more.
  • The manufacturer provides 1 year of warranty worldwide from the day you have purchased the product.
  • The bag is water-resistant, and so your books are secure.
  • On both sides of the bag, mesh pockets are available for keeping umbrella, sippers and more.
  • The backpack is not only lightweight but also durable due to the material. Double dot polyester fabric of guaranteed quality is used to make the bag synonymous with the brand.


  • Though the brand name is enough, the bag is not entirely water-proof, which is a bit disheartening.
  • The bag does not have a laptop compartment. As now the laptop has become a more significant part of the education system, the absence of dedicated space is a drawback.

4. Skybags Stream Polyester 1811cm Blue Spacious School Backpack with Rain Cover

Skybags Stream Polyester 1811 cm Blue Spacious School Backpack with Rain Cover, large (SBSTRM1AGN)

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The bag is from the house of Skybags, a renowned brand in the industry with lots of collections every season. Their speciality is colourful and durable products. This bag with so many features is available at INR 1049 only in Amazon on special offer.


  • The bag comes in a stylish look with 3 zipped compartments and an extra zip at the front side of the bag. The compartments are useful for keeping the essentials differently, which makes the process of finding them easy.
  • The rain cover is available with the bag and can be found at the bottom of the bag. You are assured to keep your books and essentials safe from the rainwater.
  • As a renowned brand, the manufacturer offers a warranty for 12 months worldwide for any kind of assistance.
  • For making the work of carrying load easy, the padded top holder is also offered along with padded back straps that can be adjusted as per your convenience.


  • The bag does not offer laptop compartment. So, students who need to carry laptop occasionally at schools may find it difficult.

5. MONCI 20Litres Hydro ESSINTIAL Backpack

MONCI 20Ltrs Laptop Backpack ( EMI-MCCA0009-B07NZJP4MQ _ Black )

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You can have this bag from the MONCI brand at an unbelievable price of INR 345. It is simple and perfect for regular use.


  • The bag has a total of three compartments, including the dedicated one for keeping the laptop. You can quickly put books, files as well as a laptop at the same time with ease.
  • The material is polyester, and you can use it and wash it from time to time without much hassle.
  • The bag comes in black colour, and that is convenient for regular use. Moreover, the colour looks royal and stylish. Boys like to use backpack of this kind of colour generally.


  • Though the manufacturers claim the bag to be durable and long-lasting, they are not offering any warranty for the product.

6. Safari 48 cm Backpack with anti-theft lock, USB, and RFID

Safari 48 cms Black Formal/Office/Laptop Backpack with Anti-Theft, Lock, USB and RFID (VAULT19CBBLK)

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The brand name is enough for regular customers who use such bags. The quality and warranty are ensured with Safari. The brand is providing backpacks, suitcase, trolley and other travel bags for years now. At Amazon, you can get this branded product at INR 1549.


  • The speciality of the bag is it offers anti-theft lock to secure the bag and the elements within it.
  • USB and RIFD are another two unique features available in any backpack. This is an exclusive feature within the backpacks.
  • The bag is not too large, not too small, but has one zipped compartment.
  • The lock consists of a fixed combination like luggage back for travelling. You can use the bag wisely at different places for different purposes.


  • The bag offers only one compartment, where space for laptop is also allocated. Space becomes very low for carrying books and copies for the students.

7. F Gear Castle NBO 22Ltrs Polyester Casual Backpack

F Gear Castle Art Leather Black 22 Ltrs Laptop Backpack (3153)

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F Gear, a famous brand, manufacturer if quality backpacks suitable for travelling has come up with this casual backpack for daily use by the school and college students. You can get this branded backpack at only INR 486 without any delivery fee at Amazon.


  • The bag is entirely water-resistant, and you can be assured that the things inside the bag are safe from external forces.
  • The bag has a capacity of 22litres, and the weight of the bag is only 400 grams. This makes it easier for you to carry with heavy loads. The bag itself is not heavy to add to the load.
  • The material used for the bag is polyester, and so it is convenient to use for everyday purposes.
  • Three zipped compartments are available in the bag. The zips are used of opposite colour with the bag skin, to make it look more highlighted. The orange zip enhances the complete look of the backpack.


  • The bag is available with a laptop compartment, and so space becomes lesser for other things to carry.
  • The bag is not water-proof, so if you make it completely drenched in the rain, the insiders may get wet as well.

8. Priority Marcus 12 22 Litre Polyester school bag

Priority Marcus 12 25 litres Navy Blue Polyester School Bag | College Bag | Casual Backpack for Boys & Girls (24151)

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The bag is from the house of Priority, a famous bag manufacturer company. The product is available only at INR 449. The style and outlook of the bag are attractive and eye-catchy. Both boys and girls can use this bag, which is another useful feature of the product.


  • The bags come with an attractive design suitable for both men and women of school and colleges. The colour contrast between the zip and the bag is also very eye-catchy.
  • The outer material of the bag is of the premium quality fabric of Polyester. It is durable and sustainable after facing the heat and cold and dust with regular use. You can easily wash it and use it again.
  • Two compartments are available, including the laptop specified space. The length helps in carrying longer practical copies to schools and colleges.
  • The straps are also made of a quality fabric of polyester and are long-lasting with adjustability option as per your convenience.


  • The bag is not water-proof. In monsoon and other times of heavy rain, the risk of carrying the bag is immense with essential projects and laptop inside it.

9. BlubagsSuper 36liters Casual backpack

blubags Super 36 Liters Casual Backpack with raincover for Unisex Black and led Watch

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The exclusive bag for school and college kids from the stores of Blubags is available with a LED watch just for INR 699 on Amazon in a special offer. The bag is suitable for regular use, and the watch will be an added advantage for the students to maintain their time for the classes and all.


  • The manufacturers and designers have dedicatedly designed the style of the backpack for school and college students, as it is spacious with all the zip and compartments.
  • The bag is more significant in an average of other backpacks as it offers a capacity of 36 litres. It is also more comprehensive for making books and copies to be fit in perfectly.
  • It does not just consist of 3 compartments, including the laptop space, but also two small zipped compartments are provided for keeping small items that must be found easily at the time of need.
  • The design helps organise the things for schools and colleges well.


  • Though the brand is offering so much in the bag and even the smart lead watch, the problem remains with the warranty as the manufacturer is not providing one with the product.

10. Killer Louis 38L Large Polyester Laptop Backpack

Killer Louis 38L Large Navy Blue Polyester Laptop Backpack with 3 Compartments

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The bag is offered by one of the famous and leading backpack manufacturing company Killer. The brand is quite popular among young generations. You can get this exclusive branded bag at just INR 1, 349 at Amazon with the assurance of the brand.


  • The bag offers 3 compartments along with one front zipped one for organising things. Two mesh pockets at the side are also available—spacious enough for covering those requirements.
  • The material is PU coated polyester, and so the durability of the bag is guaranteed.
  • The laptop section is well-cushioned for carrying the largest size of a laptop.


  • The bag is spacious, but the laptop compartment takes the most massive space compared to the other ones.

Factors to remember while buying the branded bags

Before you search for handbags online, you must understand and consider some factors for purchasing the products. Some of the elements are-

  • Durability

You will look for a durable bag at any cost, as you are not going to buy school backpacks every year. So, when you purchase one, you must check its quality and durability, and within the price range, you are looking for. The material of the bag is also responsible for making the product long-lasting. Do your research then go ahead and order.

  • Price range

You can get products at a different price range on Amazon. All the bags are available from other brands. Some international brands and some are entirely Indian. You have to choose brands of your choice and the price range you can afford. But you should know the fact that the higher the price and internationally acclaimed the brand, you get assured warranty.

  • Size and compartments

Students look for spacious school bags to make a place for water bottles, lunch box, books, files, and now the laptop has also become a part of education. You have to choose which size and how many compartments you are looking for. More compartments make the organizing of the ingredients easy.

  • Waterproof and water-resistant

The manufacturer companies use these words carefully and in a tricky way. The water-resistant feature is not similar to being water-proof. You must be used to with such terms before buying a product. Only the claimed water-proof bags are safe from water, but not in heavy rains. If the bag gets soaked, it becomes wet. Rain covers are useful in that case. Some companies provide that too.

  • Colour

Another essential aspect of the bags is the colour of the bag. Manufacturers aim to offer different colours for men and women. But nowadays some colours are used as unisex. You must check the colours; the definite bag is available at, choose the best suitable one for you.



1. What is the best material for backpacks for regular use?

Polyester is the most common material used for making school bags or backpacks. But the quality differs from brand to brand. The PU coated polyester fabrics are the best for regular use. You can wash them anytime and again use them.

2. Is it safe to use water-resistant backpacks in monsoon?

The water-resistant materials are not enough to keep your belongings safe within the bag. You must look for the bags with rain cover. This will ensure the safety of the materials you are carrying.

3. Are the bags comfortable enough to carry so much of loads?

The good-quality bags are available with padded back and adjustable padded back straps for making the carry comfortable for the users with a heavy load. You won’t be able to feel the weight with the comfortability the bags are offering.

4. Do all the brands offer manufacturer warranty?

You must check this fact at the time of buying for sure. The warranty period for all the manufacturers is not the same. So, you must go ahead with the brands offering the highest warranty. If the warranty is valid in any part of the world, it is more than adequate.

5. Can you carry a water bottle or umbrella in these bags?

Yes, most of the backpacks offer mesh pockets at both sides of the bag to carry sippers, bottle and umbrella, or anything else of your choice. The dedicated pocket slots are handy for organising things.

Closing Thoughts

A school bag is compulsory for every student. Now office goers also use a backpack to carry laptops and file regularly. So, you must have a backpack; it can be useful for different purposes. You can even use some of the backpacks for travelling to a near-by place with clothes for two-three days quickly. But remember to check all the facts before investing in buying backpacks.

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