Best Trekking Bags in India 2022

The concept of trekking requires a light bag with enough compartments to hold your things. A trekking backpack or rucksack is the most important gear when it comes to trekking in India. Trekking Bags are an absolute essential for campers, trekkers, and travelers. Some modern bags are designed to be lighter, tougher while being gentle on your shoulders. A wrong choice will reduce comfort and ruin your trekking experience.

Top 10 Trekking Bags in India

Your trekking bag must have enough space, features, and compartments required for your trip. Your bag must be lightweight as you need to carry it for hours while hiking in the mountains. The comfort, durability, and capacity are some other factors you need to consider while buying one. With so many options flooding the market it can get confusing at times. Let’s review the top 10 trekking bags available in India that will serve as your ideal adventure companion.

1. Wildcraft Grey and Orange 45 Ltrs Rucksack

Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Grey and Orange Rucksack (8903338073864), Large

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Wildcraft rucksack is your ideal trekking partner. It ensures a perfect fit owing to its depth and height adjusters. It uses a strong Robic fabric that is sturdy yet incredibly lightweight. These bags are designed to withstand the roughest of terrains while providing optimum comfort.


  • It comes with multiple pockets to hold all your items
  • It is made of abrasion-resistant fabric with incredible tensile strength
  • It is waterproof and lightweight


  • No separate compartment is there to store your shoes

2. Mount Track Hiking Backpack 50 liters

Mount Track Gear up Rucksack Hiking Backpack 50 liters

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Mount Track offers a sporty versatile backpack that is easy to carry on your back. It offers a compartment at the top for quick access to your essentials. It comes with a mesh padding at the back to keep your shoulders safe and comfortable.


  • It comes with an extra front handle which allows you to carry the bag in two ways
  • The soft mesh fabric will feel comfortable on your back even on hot summer days
  • It comes with a rain cover and an adjustable waist belt
  • The nylon material is weather-resistant


  • It doesn’t come with great durability

3. Fastrack Grey Rucksack

Fastrack 57.2 cms Grey Rucksack (A0726NGY01)

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Fastrack grey trekking bag comes with a top and front loader with a capacity of 50 liters. The polyester body offers great water resistance to enhance your trekking experience. It is durable yet lightweight enough to be carried on your back for a continuous stretch of 4-5 days.


  • It has a top and front opening for easy access to your things
  • Waist and sternum straps with zipper pockets to offer great carrying comfort
  • It comes with a metal frame for back support
  • It has a small access pocket to hold smaller items


  • It is expensive compared to other brands

4. AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack with Rain cover

AmazonBasics Internal Frame (Hardback) Hiking Backpack with Raincover

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AmazonBasics offers an internal-frame rucksack for camping and hiking with a sturdy built. The durable polyester material comes with a water-repellent coating to protect from light rain. It also features a waterproof cover to tackle heavy rain.


  • It comes with extensive compartments and storage pockets
  • It features adjustable straps and compression straps for a secure fit
  • It delivers lumbar support by providing thick and padded shoulder straps
  • It comes with molded channels to maintain lower back support
  • It also features a spacious sleeping bag compartment to keep you on the go always


  • You need to adjust the straps repeatedly

5. Polestar Xplore Rucksack Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover

POLESTAR Xplore 55 L Hiking/ Trekking/ Camping/ Travelling Rucksack Backpack with rain cover, shoe compartment, water resistant, made with polyester, 1 year warranty (Sky Blue)

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Polestar Xplore Rucksack is your perfect companion on bad weather days owing to its rain cover. The durable fabric and waterproof base provide long-lasting protection to trekkers. It is spacious enough to keep your things organized.


  • It provides a top zipper closure and two sides mesh pockets to offer easy access
  • It comes with a separate shoe compartment to protect your shoes
  • The back panel comes with breathable mesh padding to keep you comfortable throughout the day
  • The two adjustable straps allow you to place foldable tents or a yoga mat


  • It has only one compartment

6. Mufubu Store Trekking Rucksack with Shoe Compartment

Mufubu Presents Get Unbarred 55 LTR Rucksack for Trekking, Hiking with Shoe Compartment (Blue & Black)

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The 55 ltr bag from Mufubu Store is spacious enough to carry your laptop, camping gear, and other essentials. It features a separate compartment for keeping your shoe comfortably without disturbing the other items.


  • It comes with 8 adjustable straps to keep you comfortable while trekking
  • The padded waist belt offers the optimum balance
  • The body is made of water-resistant polyester fabric


  • It doesn’t come with a back supporting structure

7. Trawoc 80L Trekking Hiking Camping Backpack

TRAWOC 80L Travel Backpack for Outdoor Sport Camp Hiking Trekking Bag Camping Rucksack HK007 (SkyBlue) 1 Year Warranty

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This multi-utility bag from Trawoc comes with a spacious capacity of 80 liters. It offers 3x more space than regular backpacks. The laptop sleeve offers great convenience to trekkers. It comes with multiple straps, pockets, and buckles which allow you to adjust it in multiple ways.


  • The highly durable built makes it perfect for all weather conditions
  • It will endure extreme scorching heat as well as heavy rains
  • It has a venturesome and athletic look
  • It comes with water-resistant features keeping your essentials protected from the rain


  • It is a bit bulky compared to similar trekking backpacks

8. Mount Track Rucksack with Shoe Compartment

Mount Track Adventure Series 55 Ltrs Rucksack for Hiking & Trekking with Shoe Compartment (Black)

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Mount Track offers a 55 ltr rucksack to hold all your clothes, camping gear, and essentials. With two side mesh pockets and compression straps, it offers incredible adjustability and access. It also provides a rain cover and shoe compartment.


  • It comes with unique S-shaped padded shoulder straps to ensure carrying comfort
  • It has a durable base sheet to offer incredible longevity
  • The shoe compartment can also be used to separate your travel laundry from fresh clothes


  • It is not waterproof

9. Tripole Colonel Rucksack with Detachable Day Pack

Tripole Colonel 80 Litres Rucksack + Detachable Day Pack, Black

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It comes with a detachable day pack with a 12-liter capacity that can be easily detached from the main backpack for quick city tours or day hikes. It also features carabiner hooks and key hooks. The backpack has a breathable back mesh with padded shoulder straps to keep you active and comfortable.


  • The fiber frame comes with an aluminum food to carry the maximum load without making the bag bulky
  • It comes with a rain cover that is fully waterproof and can prevent dust particles from entering the bag
  • It boasts a heavy-duty repellent polyester fabric and soft cushioning
  • It has multiple handy pockets and 3 years warranty
  • It has a bottom opening which can be used to store your shoes, soiled clothes, or sleeping bags
  • It is perfect for rough terrain due to its dual fabric coating and internal frame structure


  • It is delicately weaved

10. Wildcraft Black Rucksack with 60 liters capacity

wildcraft 60 ltrs Black Rucksack (8903338073819)

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Wildcraft brings another star product in the range of rucksacks. It is made to conquer the toughest challenges while trekking. It will offer great comfort while maintaining balance. The good nylon built will protect your essentials from the rain. It is perfect for trekkers who want an incredibly durable backpack.


  • The padded straps won’t hurt your shoulders while trekking
  • It is lightweight with cushiony fabric on the back
  • It delivers great longevity


  • It doesn’t have multiple pockets

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Trekking Bag in India

You need to consider the suitability of the bag before hitting the buy button. Here are some essential factors that you must consider before purchasing

1. The capacity of the backpack

The most vital consideration is the capacity of your trekking bag. If you want to go on weekend trips or camping then a rucksack with a 50-liter capacity will suit your purpose. However, if you wish to spend a week or two you should settle for anything between 55 ltr to 70 ltr. Rucksacks over 70 L will feel bulky and hurt your shoulders.

2. Fabric: Water Resistant VS Waterproof

All backpacks offer some level of protection from water to shield your essentials. You must check the manufacturer’s specifications to know whether it is fully waterproof or simply water-resistant.

Waterproof trekking bags provide the optimum protection to your belongings. It will keep them dry even in case of a heavy downpour. In contrast, water-resistant bags will guard your items only from mild showers. If you want complete waterproofing then opt for a waterproof bag or rucksacks with a rain cover.

3. The fit of the bag

Rucksacks have generally two types of fit — standard fit and ladies fit. Ladies fit trekking bags have a shorter length with a more rounded structure. They are designed keeping in mind the height and structure of female trekkers. Most women have a shorter height than their male counterparts. Males who have a short height or thin body structure can also opt for this type of backpack.

The standard-fit is the regular backpacks. Such trekking bags are ideal for males with average height and tall females. You should measure the height of the bag before making your decision.

4. Compartments

Trekking bags that come with two or more compartments are preferred over bags with a single compartment. Fishing for things in a single compartment will leave all your items crammed up. Buying a backpack with more compartments will help you keep your things organized.

Always opt for bags that provide multiple pockets and departments to store your things. You should look for bags that have a main department along with small pockets or compartments. If your bag comes with a laptop sleeve and inner pockets then they are a bonus.

5. Cushioning of the bag

A trekking bag without sufficient padding will hurt your shoulders and back. Cushioning is vital when it comes to trekking bags. Padding decides comfort level while you are trekking and can make or break your hiking experience. A well-structured and breathable honeycomb padding is perfect for all weather.

Mesh padding offers proper ventilation and prevents excessive sweating while you are trekking. Such padding will make it easy to carry your bag while offering optimum support to your back. Your trekking bag must have waist and chest straps. It will evenly distribute the weight without stressing your shoulders.

6. Budget

You need to set a budget before buying a backpack. You should stick to your budget and look for a trekking bag that offers great specifications at that range. There are many decent backpacks within the low range.

7. Warranty 

You should always look for a warranty while buying a rucksack. Often the stitches or straps may come off within the first few uses. A warranty will protect your investment for a certain period. You should opt for a rucksack with a minimum warranty of one year.

Many brands can provide up to 5 years of warranty. However, they fall in the higher range. Two or three short trips will be enough to understand the quality of the bag. Hence it is essential to opt for a bag with a sufficient warranty.

8. Other essential features

Trekking bags with chest straps are a must as they help to stabilize the load. Chest straps also prevent the bag from repeatedly falling off your shoulders while climbing the mountains.

Another essential feature is a frame holder. Frame holders maintain the sturdy structure of your bag. They can be made of internal fibers or metal. The frame holders also help to keep the bag straight thus protecting your back. If you wish to carry a laptop in your Trekking bag opt for one with a frame holder.

You should also look for trekking bags with ergonomic design on the shoulder straps. It will offer greater comfort and keep your shoulders well-cushioned against the load. You should also check whether the straps are adjustable or not. Adjustable straps are a must as they allow you to modify the bag as per your height.

Types of Trekking Bags in India

1. Frameless Rucksacks

Frameless trekking bags are ideal for carrying light loads. They have a flexible build and are extremely lightweight. They weigh less than bags with an internal frame. However, the only downside of such frameless rucksacks is that they don’t distribute the weight evenly. They keep the load at your shoulders without transferring it to your hips.

Such bags are not fit for carrying heavy items as they will strain your shoulders. If you want something lightweight for day hikes then you should opt for frameless backpacks.

2. Internal-frame Trekking Bags

The internal frame delivers a rigid structure to your backpack. Internal frames are usually made of plastic frame sheets or aluminum rods. The rods run vertically through your bag to prevent them from collapsing. Such bags offer even distribution of load and put minimal pressure on your shoulders.

However, the rigid structure lends some additional weight to the trekking bags. They are usually heavier than the frameless ones. Most bags with a larger capacity come with an internal frame.

3. External-frame Trekking Bags

External-frame rucksacks are not famous among trekkers or mountain climbers due to their heavyweight. They are not travel friendly. They come with a pack, aluminum frame, and harness. The large, rigid frame greatly increases the weight making it difficult to carry. The harness and pack can be customized to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I opt for a trekking bag even if I own a trolley?

Trolley bags are good for vacation trips but they don’t fit well for hiking, trekking, or camping. Trolley bags are hard to carry and extremely bulky when makes them unfit for the rough terrains. You cannot pull a trolley up the mountains throughout your trekking trip.

Trekking bags or rucksacks are incredibly versatile and perfect for trekking. They are lightweight and super comfortable which makes them ideal for adventurous trips. They will keep your items well-protected while going easy on your back.

2. Which capacity of trekking bag will be perfect for a week’s trek?

50 L capacity backpacks are ideal for those who wish to trek for three to four days. However, if you are going to trek for a continuous period of seven or more days opt for a bag with 55 L or more capacity.

3. How do I wash my rucksack if it gets soiled and dirty?

You should refrain from using a washing machine for your backpack. Most backpacks come with straps which will get damaged if you machine wash them. Also, some rucksacks can have metal frames that need to be handled with care. Washing your backpack in a washing machine will also ruin the waterproofing quality of the fabric.

If your rucksack is a bit dirty you can dip a towel in soapy water and rub it over the surface of your bag. You can also use wet wipes to clean any mild dirt that could have accumulated on your bag. However, if your bag is completely soiled you can dip in a bucket of soapy water and dry it in the sunlight.

4. How many compartments should my rucksack have?

Many trekking bags come with a single compartment. If you have limited things you can opt for such bags. However, if you want easy access to your things opt for rucksacks that have multiple pockets and departments. If you wish to carry your laptop opt for a backpack with a laptop sleeve.

5. Can people with a short height opt for a bag with a large capacity?

Yes, you can. You can go for trekking bags with ladies fit. Such bags have a shorter height. The bags have nothing to do with gender. Males with a short structure can also opt for it. They have a broader structure and round space to accommodate more items. The board structure makes up for the height and offers similar capacities as the standard-fit bags.

Final Thoughts

Trekking bags are an essential item if you are a mountain climber, trekker, or hiker. It is imperative that you choose a trekking bag that has all the required features. Your bag must have comfort, durability, and performance. There are many options even for people who are on a tight budget. Our list of top 10 trekking bags covers all budget range and essential fractures.

If you want a backpack that has incredible quality while keeping your back protected check our list of best rucksacks. You should decide on a budget and the required capacity before making your purchase.

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